Slipway Docks and Marine Inflatable Airbags

Slipway dock with its capabilities in safely launching and retrieving vessels combined with our experienced docking team providing ideal docking option for short-term hull related inspection, maintenance and repair.

The marine inflatable airbags with size up to 1.8 m diameters, 14 m length, provide one of the most economical option for ship launching and hauling out.

DocksDock 1 Dock 2
 Type Slipway Dock Slipway Dock
Capacity 120 Tons 150 Tons
Length 30 Metres 45 Metres
Width 7 Metres 8.5 Metres

Fabrication Workshops & Flat Zones

Four closed fabrication areas of total more than 8400 Sqm enable ship building, repair, blasting and painting processes to be carried out simultaneously regardless of the weather conditions. There are also 3 flat zones spreading over 21000 Sqm in the shipyard to accomodate every kind of shipbuilding and repair.

The largest fabrication areas are divided into 2 sections and equipped with cnc plasma cutting, bending, rolling machinery with up to 20 mm thickness. The overhead crane lifting capacity is max. 40 tons/total of 2 cranes for each section.

ea FacilitiesSize
Fabrication Workshop 196 M x 27 M x 24 M
Fabrication Workshop 296 M x 27 M x 24 M
Fabrication Workshop 360 M x  30 M x 15 M
Fabrication Workshop 460 M x 24 M x 12 M
Flat Zone 1150 M x 70 M
Flat Zone 295 M x 50 M
Flat Zone 3130 M x 50 M

Electrical Workshops

The electrical workshops have comprehensive facilities and experienced team for wide range of electrical panels work, wiring and installation for electronics and navigation instruments. The Shipyard also has dedicated teams to handle all kinds of air conditioner and alternator works.

Pipe Workshop

The pipe workshop is focusing on steel, stainless steel and PVC pipes fabrication, outfitting and installation for water, fuel, drainer, low and high pressure hydraulic system.

Mechanical Workshops

The workshops have wide range of division to handle mechanical repair of auxiliary / propulsion engines, outboard motor, pumps, compressor and gears. Our experienced technicians can carry out engines top and general overhauling in our facilities.

Propulsion, Maneuvering & Machinery Workshops

The workshops include various machinery and tools, capable of fabricating, repairing and reconditioning facilities for propeller shaft and bracket, rudders, couplers and propellers with dedicated workers.