Infinity Naval Dreamworks is an initializing signatures concept of flag brand declared and raised for delivering each succeed recognition privileges of every dreams and works lies ahead, related & close to naval shipbuilding planning and projects. By the back ground of learning lessons and kind of capital resource fullness Infinity Naval Dreamworks is an initiatives of enterprising and prevailing by Infinity Global Mandiri Corporates as Priceless Signature Concept of flag brand Enterprising and Prevailing by Infinity Global Mandiri Corporates, YTD 2018 for your excellency & privileges.

heartbeat racing and adrenaline rushing, Infinity Global Mandiri dare to step in, enterprising born of new baby born “Infinity Naval Dreamworks, and we initiate to be prepared early, better and betterment by cooperate exellencies, partnership, resources facilities services and supports with many important and respectful Stakeholders of Maritime Industry and Naval Shipbuilding’s.

For this new baby born enterprise ship in Naval Shipbuilding works, Infinity Global Mandiri aware how important is transferring importance experienced human capital, resources, ideas & concept of Next Generation Indonesia Maritime Industry & Maritime Fulcrum Objectives Policy, also experience in Shipbuilding of Project KAL 28 Naval Patrol Boat, 28 meter alumunium patrol boat dedicated for all naval base in Indonesia for Maritime Security Conduct as Patrol Boat Fleet to be operated by our Naval Base odd Indonesia Navy Force and as a support & join maritime security conduct with Indonesia Maritime Security Coast Guard.

Infinity Global Mandiri now also awarded for Shipbuildingworks of 40 Meter Vessels for Search & Rescue by Indonesia National Board for Search & Rescue (Basarnas) as Works of Infinity Naval Dreamworks. And Infinity Naval Dreamworks also will continue fulfill of KAL 28 Naval Patrol Boat to the Optimum Fleet Adequacy. We are just begun, we are ready to meet up & delivery for your needs of Shipbuildingworks, we also ready for any multi perspectives multi purpose cooperation with kind, and valuable experiences legacies, excellencies to be a mentorship and a partnership .

Our unique, standardised shipbuilding concept is called The Infinity Standard. It gives us the ability to offer our customers well-proven, innovative vessels for competitive prices. The standard hulls, which all have proven designs, can also be modified to meet customer wishes and equipped with various options to suit specific jobs and regulations.

Advantages of standardisation

● Fast response to customer requests
● Competitive pricing
● Short delivery times due to stock vessels
● Reliability, proven and tested technology
● Continuous product development
● Interchangeability of vessels, crew, spares, equipment
● Low maintenance costs
● Guaranteed performance
● Benchmark for the industry
● High resale value
● Standard hulls finished to your requirements