The design development of the AL D-18 Combat Boat Dismatal made from aluminum accommodates the TNI Navy standard specifications in the form of fast motor boats with: high speed, sturdy, strong & stable as well as being able to carry modern weapons to support the implementation of the Navy’s duty to maintain the security and
sovereignty of the country in the sea.
The standard design of this ship is Modern High Speed ​​Semi Displacement. The ship has a single chinned hull and built-in spray beams. Combat Boat AL D-18 is equipped with: 2 prime movers (2) engine units inboard2 x 1200 HP, power from the engine is channeled through the shaft to the waterjets, the use of waterjets as a propulsion device is to increase the propulsion efficiency of the ship so that it can reach the specified speed built equipped with equipment in the test / test and submitted to the owner in accordance with regulations imposed by the government and general procedures for the implementation of shipyard work (Shipyard’s practice).
All ship equipment and equipment material has a marine use standard as applicable to the vessel disposal standard specified in applicable regulations. The shipyard is
responsible for the performance of the ship, fulfillment of the requirements, equipment and equipment