It’s never good to be off the water for maintenance. However, through timely execution it can be the stepping-stone to your company’s future success. With Infinty Naval Dreamworks (INDW) you can take advantage of the combined facilities, experience, manpower and expertise the INDW has to offer. With sixteen repair yards on three continents, we can provide you with the best possible maintenance work. Your vessel needs to be back on the water as soon as possible.


  • Decades of experience
  • From tugs to trailing suction hopper dredgers and from an offshore drilling rig to a LNG tanker
  • Annual, intermediate and special surveys
  • Minimised vessel downtime, on-time completion
  • A quick, safe and reliable service
  • Competitive rates

“Over a thousand ships serviced annually. Benefit from our lessons learned and our expertise. Our sixteen repair yards provide you with the best possible maintenance work.”



Our vast maintenance experience is at your fingertips and ranges from inland to sea going vessels, and from offshore to cruise vessels. We offer any type of maintenance service: annual, intermediate or special survey. We will make sure your vessel meets the operational requirements and complies with classification rules and regulations.

A small selection of our maintenance services

  • Hull surface treatment (e.g. blasting and painting, high pressure washing, anti-fouling applications, silicon paint applications)
  • Steel repairs and renewals
  • Machinery repairs
  • Ballast tank cleaning/coating and pipe renewals
  • Steering gear works (e.g. propeller shaft clearance, rudder stock clearance)
  • Inconvenience caused of damage to a vessel is time,money & purposes is costly and somehow by lack of and oversimplification of perpectives, neglects & chains inaccuracy of unreported, mislerads of Information and under capacity advisory & recommendation will resulting big bang bills to suffer and pay over estimation . Advancing quick decision and action for accountable, safety first as Zero Tolerance from any  Hazards & Accidents, Time Precious & Cost Values Service to get you underway again as soon as possible. For any  potential awating and any conceivable type of damage, whether it be caused by collision, force majeur, or mechanical, engineering, structures  or propulsives, and intruments equipment,malfunctioning, by experienced excellency of Integrated handling of teamworks & our partnership cooperation, should be your convenience for us to take care of it.


  • Maintenance is critical and crucial in order to meet a vessel’s to operaton conduct in order to compliace IMO Convention, Classification rules and regulations. To be able to take on the most difficulties or challenge to comply and deliver projects in the Tight Time Frame and Time Preciouseness . Time Preciouseness of Orojects 7 Works schedule, with standard of Total Quality and according to Cost Value Convenience, are our responsibilites, assurance & re assurance to be able to.