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Inception & gradual awareness of Importance to straightening Indonesia Maritime industry, Code of Conduct, Maritime Economy and Numbers of Fleet Types of Boats & Ships built and comply to Class, SOLAS, MARPOL, and lines of Codes of Conduct related to IMO Convention & SDG, that all those fleets are commissioned on our ocean and abroad, numbers of Indonesia Flags Sailing, Cruising here and there are Keys to Maritime Fulcrum Success that one of the Key Success factor important element lies in Shipbuilding Excellency by all ways and efforts.

Geo Strategy & Geo Economy of Maritime wont be exist without Maritime Industry, Maritime Fleet, Naval Engineering, Marine & Coastal Environment Preservation, Conservation and proper activation, cooperation and supports from Multi Stakeholders of Maritime Community & Society globally.

Yes we are aware and implement concept and approach concept and cycle of Maritime Domain Awareness in our competitive advantages to every comparative advantages we gain in UNCLOS 1982 with Statutory of Geography, Geo Politic, Geo Economy and Geo Strategy of and with as Archipelagic State (Largest Number in the world), Coastal State (rights to declare & Sovereign Coastal State Governance), (Ours is  2nd longest coastal lines after Canada),  Port State Statutory and can imply Port State Authority0, and Ocean State , and its compliance to IMO Convention, Sustainable development goals and others related so do Our Indonesia Maritime Fulcrum are connected to the Maritime Excellency and to the world.

  • Infinity Global Mandiri by YTD 2018, Initiates Maritime Domain Orientation & Transformation by Activate our First Naval Boat KAL 28 Project and ongoing Search & Shipbuilding Project for Rescue Vessel as Strategy Diversification , higlighting and emphasizing on Industry Maritime Transportation Vessels. We are proudly ingtroduce our strategic business unit enterprising & branding for Naval Shipbuildings as “Infinity Naval Dreamworks”
  • Our Challenge for today as new baby born to in shipbuildingworks is obtain initial & progressive growth & development of our position always possible, fit and proper for level up, that we must become the forefront of maritime fleets , maritime security to maritime defense equipment innovation in Indonesia and regions
  • Communicate with,listening, knowing & elaborating our customers and other closely related stakeholders to be work closely and cooperate with our strategic partners –shipbuildingworks facility hubs , research institutes , our valuable supply chains and concerning the orientation of sustainable development goals.
  • Our initial team is leading the advancement in developing the enterprise of infinity naval dream works to does needs and often preemptive precedes the urges & situations
  • Its critical that we continued to lead to enterprise and customers and stakeholders satisfaction about the naval dream works , with all necessity development innovation, interpersonal relationship, up to dates eye city for us and yours while obtaining and sustaining optimal cost value of our enterprise ship for the successes of yesterday now and tomorrow
  • Infinity naval dream works ,great fully and gratefully looking forward to meeting for the challenge ahead and deliver the brands and services excellency to the universe of maritime fulcrum