From RoRos to car and passenger ferries, Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC) has built a solid track record. We always have a suitable drydock available, and we always deliver on our promise. With yards situated near major ferry routes, we can offer you a high quality, yet cost-effective service. Our yards in Northwestern Europe are situated near the English Channel. We can support you logistically and bring you into contact with the marine infrastructure (suppliers and sub-contractors) you need.


  • A proven track record | On-time completion | Low out-of-service time
  • (Covered) drydocks availability and flexibility in Europe (close to the English Channel crossings) and the Caribbean
  • The capacity, know-how and logistical capability to handle ferry projects
  • Upscaling: we can swiftly handle and organise a large scope project
  • Specialised and reliable subcontractors/partners close to yards, meaning quick response times

DSC has built a thorough understanding of the ferry market and its vessels. Our workforce undertakes all types of projects, including annual dockings, conversions, ramp and bow door reinforcement and installation, and much more.

Typical jobs we perform on ferries:

  • Cleaning, grinding/blasting and painting of bottom, topside, sea chests and thruster tunnel
  • Repair and re-coating of ballast tanks
  • Painting of decks and ramps
  • Ramp and bow door reinforcement and installation
  • Overhaul of main and auxiliary engines, gearboxes, propellers, thrusters, winches, valves, cranes and auxiliary equipment
  • Upgrade of public areas and mess deck
  • Overhaul of bow and stern ramps
  • Installation of scrubbers, engine conversions or BWTS installation
  • Maintenance and certification of life boat davits and free-fall boats
  • Rebranding (interior and exterior)
  • Repair of steel damages