Our unique, standardised shipbuilding concept is called The Infinity Standard. It gives us the ability to offer our customers well-proven, innovative vessels for competitive prices. The standard hulls, which all have proven designs, can also be modified to meet customer wishes and equipped with various options to suit specific jobs and regulations.

Advantages of standardisation

  • Fast response to customer requests
  • Competitive pricing
  • Short delivery times due to stock vessels
  • Reliability, proven and tested technology
  • Continuous product development
  • Interchangeability of vessels, crew, spares, equipment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Benchmark for the industry
  • High resale value

Standard hulls finished to your requirements

Infinity vessels are of the highest quality standard, built for maximum performance, low fuel consumption and designed to have low maintenance. We have years of experience in the engineering, building and testing of these standard hulls. And we keep a wide range of these proven, standard hulls in stock. That’s why we can guarantee the best result and the shortest delivery time.


Experience our  ship repair and conversion yards :

  • Safety first
  • Reliability and on-time completion
  • Long track record
  • Consistent Infinity quality and service guaranteed
  • Worldwide service
  • From smaller sized yards to those with some of the largest drydocks
  • Experienced craftsmen combined with an innovative mind-set
  • 24/7 afloat ship repairs worldwide
  • Drydock availability and flexibility
  • Excellent suppliers and subcontractors network